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l’ll love to mentor and guide you through the process of becoming a an anthology author. Co-create with others in a book that becomes an unforgetable legacy, transforming lives globally.


Why co-authoring books?

I first stumbled upon this idea in 2006, 10th November precisely, when I bought a co-authored book at a conference. I fell in love with the whole concept becuase I could see that my passion for life stories could be captured by creating anthologies. I have co-authored several books with different authors since then.  I have also found co-authoring books powerful both for me and for the contributing authors. It opened my mind and inspiration to write even more books

I have coached and mentored thousands of women through my programs, radio show and online seminers.  I hear powerful life changing stories that should not kept locked up. I believe that by sharing you can transform a life.

My anthologies are different, it is a partnership between co-authors, sisterhood and unity to transform and empower.

I am excited and looking forward to partnering with you in an anthology, the geners are extensive and if I don’t have one that fits you, bring your idea and we will make it happen!

Benefit of being an Author in an Anthology?

The benefit of being an author in an anthology is no different from a solo author. People partner every day to create transformation books. With the birth of Kindle, more and more people are reading. You can transform a life you have never met just because you wrote your story. Some of the benefits of joining us as a Co-Author

1. 20 – 24 x Visibility. 20 other partners will be promoting this book to their network, anywhere they go, you go too.  Can you see how powerful this is?

You will get exposure that you could not get working alone all by yourself. If they are on TV, Radio, Magazine, Conferences Speakers they take you along. Any where they share the book, you are there.

2. Expert recognition. Having an author title in your profile increases your recognition as an expert even if the book is not writen in your area of expertise. If you are going to write a book that’s not on your area of expertise, we encourage that you co-author in one that you are connected with through life experience

3. Speaking engagements: This is almost inevitable; people like to celebrate success. So, get ready!!!

4. Media Exposure: Depending on what you and your co-authors arrange, you will get more media exposure – TV, Newspaper, more invitation to collaborate.

5. Increased credibility: Clients like mentors who show growth, you will find yourself attracting more clients who value your offers and ready to pay you.

6. There are so many benefits.  One key benefit  to the ladies who write their stories, is that they heal in the process and they find answers within the lines of their own writing.

7.  When you join an anthology, it opens the door way for other books to be born from you. The experience and journey is indescribable.

8. Collaborating with influencers: A good book is the door way to profitable collaborations with influensers in your industry.


Working with me in a collaborative book is more than just writing a book. I guide you through my decade of coaching and mentoring experience. You come to write a book, you leave ready to soar. Your mind eyes are open to possiblities. You are taken on a journey that expands not just your business but your future. Creating a legacy for generations to come.

3 + 11 =

“I’m out there to clean the plate. Once they’ve read what I’ve written on a subject, I want them to think, ‘That’s it!’ I think the highest aspiration people in our trade can have is that once they’ve written a story, nobody will ever try it again.” —Richard Ben Cramer

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