Evakarin Wallin is a mindset coach, speaker, author and founder of Freedom Based Mindset, a technique that changes limitations into possibilities. She is in the forefront of how to use the subconscious mind to reprogram limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that allow you to manifest easily and effortlessly.

She is the author of Boost Your Business With A Book and has had several of her articles published in Ascala Magazine and More Business Magazine.

In Sweden she was one of the first life coaches which meant that nobody new what life coaching was when she started out. And she did not know how to sell. So she hired her own coach and learned the basics of sales and marketing.

Very soon she realized many small business owners needed to learn marketing, so she became a marketing coach. She did that for several years but could not break through to the next level in her own business. It was like hitting the glass ceiling.

Then she started to investigate what was going on within her. That was the start of a journey that took four years and led to Freedom Based Mindset, a technique that literally releases fears and limitations instantly.


Website http://evakarinwallin.se

Facebook URL    https://www.facebook.com/evakarin.wallin

LinkedIn URL      www.linkedin.com/in/evakarinwallin




Michelle Catanach – The Unconventional Parenting Coach and founder of www.theuncagedrevolution.com – helps soulful mamas uncage themselves, their kids and their lives using the power of consciousness, connection and creativity. She helps mums step into their divine feminine power, heal generational wounds and set their souls free so that they can authentically lead the next generation. Her mission is to transform the way we collectively raise and educate our kids, from a fear-based to soul-centred approach. Michelle believes that by empowering parents to live more consciously and authentically we empower our children to do the same and THAT is how we change the world. Visit www.theuncagedrevolution.com/unparent to access her free audio series ‘How to Unparent Yourself’




Having honed her leadership skills throughout her Army career, Kim moved into a completely different arena following years of study and research in the fields of alternate medicine/therapies and coaching.

She has confronted many challenges in her personal life, working through limiting beliefs and overcoming more than her fair share of trauma and relationship and health issues.  She threw herself further into medical research when doctors and top-ranking specialists gave up on her baby son.  (He is now a healthy, handsome 20 year-old elite athlete.)  She again defied medical diagnosis, re-learning to walk after a serious accident.  Doctors had advised that she was lucky to still have her right leg, but she wouldn’t walk again.  The lessons, learnings and wisdom that she has gleaned from her own life journey only enhance her ability to connect with people, and truly benefit her coaching clients.

Her passion, and where she excels, is working as a Results Coach, assisting people to reach their full potential and ultimately their innermost desires.




Olga is a highly skilled Relationship Coach, qualified by Animas coaching school and accredited by Coaching Standards Authority. She works with couples and singles to achieve their ultimate relationship goals and enjoy happier lives with their loved ones. Olga’s coaching complies with highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and quality of service.

Her passion for understanding the human behaviour and men-women relationship dynamics started from a personal development journey and willingness to be in a great marriage herself.  While later her curiosity pulled her into studying the subject deeper and with higher intensity.

Being happily married for 7 years, Olga truly understands the importance and the effect of happy relationship on people’s lives. She and her husband Rafael mastered the skills of being the best partners for each other, and now Olga is fully committed to teach other couples to do the same.

Having pursued a corporate career in the past, Olga has successfully transformed her experience in project management and business analysis into her coaching business. Now she helps people better organise their personal lives, create a perfect work-life balance and allocate enough space for romance and passion.




Arantxa combines a life coaching qualification with her multilingualism and natural energy to coach people in any one of 4 languages to find balance, make important decisions and transform their lives. As someone who has lived a colourful and varied life in several countries, and has been coached substantially herself, Arantxa brings real world experience and knows how to put herself in the shoes of her clients to provide them with maximum value. Arantxa specialises in coaching on all things to do with relationships, as well as becoming a parent and relocation and expatriation among many other important life themes. Arantxa enables her clients to connect with their true selves more deeply, understand their most important emotions, and discover simple and practical solutions that will make the changes they have been looking for.

If you want to know more please visit: http://www.arantxadedios.com/




Prem Glidden is a Healer, International Transformational Coach and Teacher deeply committed to “being the change she wants to see in the world.”  She is a powerful guide in supporting those she works with to achieve their greatest possibilities in life and in love.

Prem is a Certified Coach in several modalities including; Calling in “the One,” Feminine Power, and Conscious Uncoupling, personally trained by founder, Katherine Woodward Thomas.  She is an Intuitive Healer, certified in Reiki, Crystal Therapy and the LifeLIne Technique, developed by Dr. Darren Weissman.  She is a Minister of Peace with the Beloved Community and has been a teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama for over 40 years.  Prem was the Co-Director of a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation ashram in Fairbanks, Alaska for 10 years.

Combining practical ability with intuition and deep love and compassion, Prem assists her clients in breaking through barriers that have stopped them in the past while offering the skills and capacities they need to create the life and relationships they have been yearning for. She has successfully supported hundreds of people in finding success in all areas of their life.

Prem lives in Delray Beach, FL with her beloved partner, Bob and her kitty, Bailey; sharing a lovely condominium overlooking a lake.   Her life is a wonderful example of what is possible and that it is never too late to change your life in miraculous ways!

Contact Information Email: prem@premglidden.com Website: www.premglidden.com




Moni helps sensitive women to live with greater peace, passion and joy.

Currently based near London and originally from the beautiful city of Barcelona, Moni, otherwise known as Monica, believes that when women shine their light and claim their inner power, they can change the world.

With more than 15 years of experience in corporate Moni has observed that a more compassionate and heart-centered leadership is required to bring back balance, equality and consciousness.

She is passionate about vanishing burnout from the corporate culture, and she is committed to supporting women lead projects. Moni is helping and inspiring women around the world transform their life and become leaders for change in both personal and professional levels.

With her writings, signature talks and support Moni contributes to raising awareness of increasing the presence of feminine values in the world.

Moni is a certified NLP Practitioner and Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach. She is also trained in several energy-based therapies and has years of research in personal development, conscious living and spirituality.
Website: http://www.monirodriguez.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monirodriguezsp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monirodriguezsp
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/monirodriguezsp




Gema Ramírez inspires people to raise in consciousness through Coaching, Healing and Mentoring.

She guides people to waking up to greater levels of Joy, to Live from their Heart, to Allow Wellbeing, Happiness and Abundance in their lives, to Love themselves and to Lead Consciously with Peace.

She is a Transpersonal Coach, accompanying people and organisations to reach their full potential in a conscious way.

With over 20 years of corporate world working experience, having collaborated with some of the largest IT multinationals, she has a solid and proven background in IT Training, Change Management, Coaching and Leadership.

Her passion about her own self-development and spirituality has driven her life. She is a Reiki Master and has studied many other healing modalities with enlightened teachers.

She now integrates her passions and her work in what brings her Joy: using her wisdom, her open heart, her experience and knowledge to raise awareness and empower people to life happier and more fulfilled lives.

She is the owner and founder of SWEET BLUE GLOBAL, where she offers her Coaching services and programs. She is the Director of ALIENTACOACHING UK, bringing to the UK market the ´Coaching and Emotional Intelligent Leadership Program´ that has been changing lives in Spain.  She is also the chairman of SHAMBHALA TRUST, an educational Trust based in Glastonbury, UK.

Gema´s dream and vision is global PEACE and her mission and life purpose is to show the way to inner PEACE and SELF-LOVE to individuals and organisations through her work and living example.




Omowunmi Olunloyo or Toks as she is known as, is a dynamic speaker and

coach who has built her platform of purpose, possibility and power on the

years of struggle with low self esteem, not good enough and trying to fit

in. Now a reformed intentional woman on purpose, free from condemnation,

lack and self worth, Omowunmi is a blogger and writer who helps other women to find their place, position and purpose in life through practical easy

step by step actions for good success.

Twitter: @OmowunmiOlunloyo
Blogger: www.omowunmiolunloyo.blogspot.co.uk




Born in 1966 England’s World Cup winning year, J.J Williams was one of five brothers and sisters, she experienced the hardship of a Bermondsey, South London upbringing where the norm on pub doors was no blacks, no Irish no dogs!  being of Jamaican and Irish descent it created an identity crisis where she could not understand the racial bigotry. She had to endure 17 years of a controlling and violent fiancé, when she decided to leave he evicted her and his 3 children onto the streets of Croydon and disowned them but she managed to single-handedly raise the three boys who have all turned into three wonderful, hard-working caring loving young men.  Her and her children have also suffered various health issues because of the abuse, due to the passion and wellbeing of her boys she has come out fighting and is now leading a happy loving life.

She is now an author and an advocate for motivating and inspiring others going through such abuse.

Changing her career from P.A to author, blog writer she is now embarking on her dream trip to Thailand and India to complete her acupuncture course and healthy lifestyle so she can heal herself and others.

Facebook – Jay Jay Williams
Tumblr – Healing domestic trauma
Instagram – @HealingRelationshipTrauma
Twitter- @HealingTraumaUK




Joanne Johnson, Joh for short, was born in Surrey and has lived in London all her life. Originally having trained as a Fashion designer, later becoming a teacher of Adult Education, and having recently left the frustrating world of local government, she is now a practising Sound Therapist.  After a journey filled with many twists and turns, she can see how life is in fact a mystical melody of sorts.  Enter the world of Sound healing where the sheer complexity of life, little understood as it is, she understands how its possible to sing and dance to your own tune. ps – according to google search bio’s are written in the 3rd person?  http://johjohnson.com/




My name is Laura Buxó. I was born the 25th January 1980 in Sabadell (Spain) where I actually live.
I’ve studied business studies. I own my travel agency and I also work as a finance director in a yarn factory.
I love the ancient Egypt and to help people.
I am an expert in body language. It is amazing what people say without talking!
From 1994 to 1996 I suffer bulling at school, not easy, even it still hurts with anxiety and panic attacks, but here I am!
I met my husband in 2011 in Egypt. We got married in 2013, it seems to be the perfect love story but it’s plenty of psychological abuse and I’m on a divorce process now.




With 25 years in the fitness and wellness industry Cherron has worked with thousands of clients in classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions.

Cherron’s story takes you on a journey of  conscious awakening.  This is echoed in her work, helping her clients to feel enriched and inspired by gaining understanding on how their mind, body and breath work in unison to create transformation from the inside out.

With a background in dance, this adds a unique element to her practice.  This helps enable her clients to move with grace and poise from a strong core centre and a toned body feeling elegantly empowered.

Download you Free Ebook ‘How To Feel better Naked over 40’. www.cherronleejohnson.com




Caroline is an author, lawyer and inspiring speaker.  She is an International trainer, successful business woman in the fields of law, training and mediation.  She has a clear mission.  She is a professional actor, TV presenter and facilitator. Her aim is to establish practices such as work/life balance, positive thinking, activity management as a way of life to promote good health, improved relationships and better quality of life for everyone.
Caroline has created two successful award winning businesses, and now lives the life she dreamed about, is a credible example of work life balance, an ambassador for living life fully and a strong role model for other women.

Caroline has unique talents and a vibrant personality.  She works with companies to ensure that the individual potential of each employee is improved.  She provides unique and energy-filled corporate presentations.  She is extremely versatile and can implement numerous messages into her presentations.

Caroline has two wonderful and intelligent sons and two stepsons.  She founded the African Women Lawyers’ Association and the annual Women of the African Diaspora Conference. She does a lot of charity work and was Trustee of the Howard League for over 15 years, Vice-Chair of its Law Management Committee, member of the Law society’s Council, chair of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity Committee, a judge of the annual Diversity Awards.  Caroline sat on the Investigation Committee for the Institute of Chartered  Accountants.

Caroline enjoys keeping fit by working out and dancing.  She loves to ski and to travel, especially to warm climates.  She is passionate about her own personal development and regularly attends seminars on self-development, wealth creation, and business development.

Email: caroline@caroline-newman.com

Website: www.caroline-newman.com




Toni Harris Taylor is a motivational and marketing speaker who helps people to take drastic steps to achieve success. Toni’s life story includes amazing drastic steps for love. She has survived the terrible D’s of relationships — divorce, debilitating illness, death doubt and disappointment. Somehow, she manages to pick herself up and keep on stepping even when she could not see what was ahead of her. Toni’s story is one of rebound after life’s curve balls that has led her to be in a loving, thriving happy marriage. In her story, you will experience the triumphs, heartbreaks and the recovery that lets you know, if she can keep stepping, you can too.






About Author

Dina Marais works is a Relationship Transformation Coach focusing on women who have challenges in their relationships to unleash their personal power and enjoy love life magic.

Whether it is about finding your soul mate, saving your marriage or ending a relationship you have to start with your relationship with your Self and develop your personal power so that you can show up with unshakable inner confidence.

Over more than 14 years of study and practice in NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics, PNI – PsychoNeuroImmunology and Quantum Physics, she has consistently found one simple and powerful truth. She believes that our most important relationship is that with Self because that determines how we experience every facet of our life especially our love life

Website: http://dinamarais.com

Contact: http://dinamarais.com/contact

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dina.marais
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dinamaraiscoaching/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DinaMarais
Linked-in: https://za.linkedin.com/in/dinamarais




Julia Keller is a Transformational Love Coach who empowers women and men serious about improving their love life to be the writer of their ideal love story by finding, claiming, and improving true love. Julia has studied what makes love succeed, and the qualities of those who find true love, in depth and has used it to help her clients towards their own personal love success stories.

Julia has a BA in Psychology and an MBA and has studied Coaching, NLP, and hypnotherapy. She has conducted face to face interviews with men, women, and successful couples to understand what exactly it takes to find and succeed in love and how we all can rewrite our own stories to create that success for ourselves.

Julia’s journey began with her own personal failure when she joined the unhappy statistics after her divorce. Because she’d witnessed enough couples who were happily in love, even through occasional struggles, she knew that love could last and that we all deserve to find that special someone who adores and accepts us just as we are. What followed was a series of first-hand interviews with anyone who would answer her questions about love, dating, and relationships and a series of interviews on YouTube (search Honest Conversations Julia Keller) and on her blog (www.juliakeller.co.uk).

Julia’s Love Coaching practice grew and she soon began speaking to groups and holding group working sessions alongside her one to one coaching (in person and skype) and offering online products to make her coaching accessible to all. “There are few emotions as powerful in this world as love,” Julia writes. “Without it people have been drawn to madness, or worse yet, have become soulless human beings capable of creating untold atrocities. Through it, great poets have awakened and we are capable of uncovering the closest thing to personal flight: reaching incredible heights, even without wings…”

You can see more from Julia Keller on her website: www.juliakeller.co.uk, Follow her on Twitter @JuliaKellerUK, on Facebook and Instagram: @coachjuliakeller and on YouTube (search Julia Keller Coaching).




Dean, Federal College of Eudcation. Niger State, Nigeria

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