Love Unboxed, is a compilation that gathers an anthology of twenty writers from different countries who have decided to tell their experiences of personal improvement and fulfillment. Love Unboxed is a novel written by women and for women and is currently a sales leader in the middle of the world. Today I chat with my great friend and colleague Gema Ramirez, a Cadiz writer based in the United Kingdom who presents us with her exclusive story, True Love Road, included in this international best seller. In addition to being a writer, Gema is Coach Transpersonal, International Lecturer, founder of Sweet Blue and Conciousnesss Aacademy and president of the Shambhala Trust Educational Foundation.

-Gema, Love Unboxed, has become a worldwide phenomenon and your story, is a reference for thousands of women. Tell us what motivated you to write True Love Road.

-Yes, Love Unboxed, has gone from being a book to a global movement of inspiration for women who want to BE MORE, women who want to rise and grow.

“I did not think it would be like this and that I would change my life so much …

“I still remember the day my friend, Monica Rodriguez, told me that she was going to participate in this book and encouraged me to do so. At that moment I thought: Who was I? I did not know if I was ready. The idea I really liked, the title of the book and the initial concept, too. A few days later, after meditating a little, I decided and said yes. I had an interview with Plácida Acheru and immediately felt a special connection with her … that took away any doubts I might have.

Love Unboxed, has gone from being a book to a global movement of inspiration for women who… Click To Tweet

“At that moment I did not know what I was going to write, or if it would be a best seller. I did it for the illusion of appearing in a written book (the dream of so many people) and sharing a bit of my life with the world. There was also the practical side. With a book in the market I felt that it would be much easier to open my way and get the dream of carrying the message to the world. I bet on Conscious Leadership, my dream is for everyone to become a conscious leader. For me, a conscious leader is someone who leads his life from the knowledge that he is a leader in any field and in whatever he does in life, taking responsibility for his own life, his own happiness from love and compassion. Embracing the concepts of: diversity, unity, collaboration, integrity and honesty.

– To what extent do you think your story, True Love Road, can help other women who have gone through the same situation?

My story has several messages.

“The first message I wanted to convey to my readers was the concept of creating your own reality. I firmly believe that we are unconsciously leading our lives. We are stumbling through life, sometimes expecting the worst, distrusting everything, with stress and sometimes from victimhood. If we are aware that we can create our own reality, we will go through life thinking and acting in congruence, knowing that our thoughts create our world and therefore our future. If we focus on thinking positive, practicing gratitude and forgiveness, always looking at the positive aspect of everything that happens to us, taking it as a lesson, learning and moving forward, then we will become conscious leaders of our life and things will go better.

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“Another message my story conveys is the importance of self-love. We can not love another nor expect others to love us the way we want, if we do not love and accept unconditionally. When we do not love ourselves, we tend to criticize ourselves, to listen to that little voice in our head that tells us that we are not good, that we do not deserve it, that we can not get it … in short, that we are not enough. The lack of self-love is the cause of most of the pains we suffer and we make others suffer. And life, on many occasions, leads us to extreme situations that are reflected in our inner state so that we realize, what we are doing because of the lack of love for ourselves.

-You are a writer, businesswoman, international coach and lecturer of worldwide prestige involved in the development of women in all its facets. Tell us about the woman Woman 5.0 project.

“Oh, thank you for naming it!” It is a common idea that emerged during a conversation with a fellow Coach, Carmen María Piñero. We realized that we had the same ambitions. This project is in my heart. For my part, I think the inspiration was born from seeing the result of the book, from reading the stories, from hearing the women who have read us and heard us talk about the book.

“The name came to me one day as channelized; We call version 2.0 to the improved version of something. Already started to use the term 3.0 and for me 5.0 was no more, the most updated version of the woman and also is in the 5th dimension where unconditional love resides.

“As a result of the book, a strong desire began to be born in me to continue inspiring women to leave toxic relationships, such as the one I tell in my story, to let them know that they can leave and that the way to do so is self- Personal development, self-love, living from the heart, becoming conscious leaders of our lives … and for this we have to raise our awareness, open our minds and our hearts to another way of living and being, to meet again with our Soul, to know our purpose of life, to integrate it and to achieve happiness through self-realization. Most women are very alienated with their spirit, we are spirituality and when we help find it, we empower them so that they can reach their full potential, at any age, with any past.

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“With this project, we want to work with the woman who is feeling the call to develop and find her sense of life. The 5.0 woman is the biggest version. It is that spiritual woman, centered, conscious leader of her own life and her own destiny, who chooses free, feminine, enterprising, catalyzing spirituality in man.

“With our workshops and retreats, we want to start creating a community of women who support each other; a family. We begin by opening their hearts to them, healing their souls, finding their purpose, taking action and later, giving them a support in the path they choose; Showing them how and where they can get it.

“We started in June in Cadiz and Seville and later we will start in England and continue globally. More information on the website

“And now I will mention another very special woman, Placida Acheru. Placida is a bestselling writer, Business Mentor, Business Coach, founder of Coaching 4 Excelence and is a worldwide reference in the world of coaching. How has her career influenced you?

-Plácida has been a reference for woman of conscious leader 5.0. She is a woman who, despite the limitations of life, goes ahead and works hard to get what she wants. I admire her dedication and dedication.

“After the book I met her in person during our first book conference in London and I loved her sweetness and energy. I knew that I would want to work with her on another project. She is now my personal Coach and she is my mentor in the creation of my first Online Summit that will come out in October on Consciousnes. It will be called the Global Conciousness Summit.

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-You are founder of Sweet Blue, Consciousness Academy and president of the Shambhala Trust Educational Foundation. How does the Academy and the Foundation inspire you in your daily life?

“The Academy and the Foundation are my greatest source of inspiration. I am passionate about everything that has to do with the change of consciousness that we are experiencing at the moment and to be able to collaborate to increase the conscience, to heal; Ultimately giving love to other people is what gives a sense to my life.

“At the Academy of Consciousness I have a private Facebook group,” Conciousness Academy, “where we collaborate with ideas and articles that inspire and help. My intention is to create a community, a family of people with a common bond that is to be more aware. I offer a heart opening meditation on the 11th of each month. It is a gift to the world.

“I also offer spiritual retreats,” Discover Your Soul “at my home in Glastonbury, where I work the opening of the heart. Most people have closed their heart at some point in their lives, after some trauma or after the loss of someone or something, or having experienced something tragic in their life or maybe not so tragic, but for that person Was shocking. Then, by closing the heart to love, to trust, many problems of partnership are created, at work, in relationships with others and with oneself. I also work on karma and heal past life bindings. All this work frees the soul of the person and usually leads to a greater openness and state of happiness.

“These retreats are also part of the Women 5.0 program and I am also organizing another retreat on one of the beaches in Cadiz where we will treat heart healing. We will combine it with meditation, Mindfulness and Paddle Sup activities and hiking.

“I collaborated with the Expansion Zone with my friend Carmen Mª Piñero Castro in the Women 5.0 project and with Chill the Wave and Víctor Román for the retreat” Soy mar, soy montaña “. I am also a member of Alienta Coaching with José Luis Fuentes and we are bringing the University of the UCA emotional and conscious leadership, Mindfulness, high impact activities and of course coaching. In 2018 we will take the coaching course to the UK.

-As a writer, it has been an honor to write a review on Love Unboxed and to participate in this media event that promotes the empowerment of women. Will there be a second part?

-Yes, Plácida has already begun to spread the output of the second part of Love Unboxed. This is unstoppable and we want women to dare to control their stories to inspire others. In November we will have an event to celebrate the success of the book and we are talking about a movie … we will see.

-When can we enjoy the Spanish version?

-We hope this year will release the Spanish version of Love Unboxed in Spain.

– Can you give us a brief summary of the argument of your story?

“It’s a real story, like all the others in the book. It tells the story of how I met the one that until now has been the love of my life. The magic of the meeting in Paris, the adventure of fairy tale, romance, the awakening of sleeping sexuality, the manifestation of a desire in Cadiz, came to light in London and finally closed its cycle in Cadiz where it originated. It tells the tireless search for true love, that which is only in the center of the heart of one and that when you find it, it is forever. It is a story of love, magic, attraction, addiction, the search for oneself, the universal language of love and self-improvement.

-And to conclude. Define who is, in a personal capacity, Gema Ramírez.

I am a tireless adventurer. I am passionate about traveling, as much to other countries and worlds as to my interior to know me more and more and to face challenges to be improving. I do not belong anywhere or anyone. I consider myself a citizen of the universe and I am unique and independent from oneness with every living being.

“I live in an attitude of service towards others and towards all humanity and, of course, towards myself. Because to change the world, it is necessary to do it with the example and the dedication to the personal development of the same one. I live intensely my spirituality and now I realize that the best investment I have made has been in it.

The important thing is to have a healthy mind and to be happy and satisfied with oneself. Click To Tweet

“I love writing, reading, meeting people from different cultures and countries. And I have a dream … a global dream that consists of everyone being the conscious leader and everything I do, I do it in order to achieve that dream, that goal.

“Well, Victoria, our readers would like to know a little more about the person behind the writer. I would like to ask you some questions and know how the personal has marked you in the professional.

-Green Gem. I think I have no escape (laughs).

-Your novel, Lazos de Independencia, has become a landmark in the history of Cadiz. Victory, how do you think the protagonist, Catherine, can inspire other women?

-Catalina is a fictional character, but I wanted it through her to know the importance of thousands of women in the War of Independence. The exploits of these heroines are written in bundles and reviews. It is known that these women influenced our history, battled in the shadow, helped the wounded, sewed uniforms and fought as soldiers. Catherine might well have been one of them. It was a young woman who got what she set out with a display of will and determination. He faced the conventions of his time, wanted to work just like a man in the blacksmith shop and disguised himself as a soldier, proving that women can be much more than women. That is the fundamental message that leads the whole novel.

-You have studied religions, spirituality and metaphysics, what has impacted or influenced you in your life?

“The truth is, after years of study and reflection, I have taken the best of every spiritual doctrine. I think that in every dogma there is a teaching, a wisdom rooted in the depths of our culture. If we are able to act with the proper discernment and we can separate the divine from the human, then we will find the jewels behind the beliefs of each society.  

“In answering your question, Oriental culture seems very special, very striking to me, it deals with the realization from within, from within the human being through the spirit as an indivisible entity of our body. Western religions conceive the spirit as a phenomenon far from man, accessible only if the deity gives us that privilege. Orientalism as a philosophy of life reminds us that we can reach that spirit through study, meditation and prayer until culminating in enlightenment; A state of full consciousness where the human being becomes an accomplished entity.

“You take great care of your body, you do a lot of sport, you watch what you eat, you are a vegetarian and not only in your diet, I know that you are very aware of the emotions of others and like these, they can affect us that we are especially sensitive. What would you tell readers to lead a healthy, holistic life?

-The important thing is to have a healthy mind and to be happy and satisfied with oneself. These positive feelings will influence the body, releasing it from those aggressive emotions that attack the healthy state of the human being. In my case, I believe that nature is the manifestation of the spiritual world and the body is also part of that nature. I think our bodies are like precious temples where the soul rests, vessels that must be kept clean and in good condition so that the spirit can manifest itself without any harmful impediment. In that sense, I like to take care of my health with food that any doctor would endorse, exercise almost every day of the week and practice meditation. But the basis of healing is in the mind. As the phrase of the Roman author Tenth June Juvenal says in one of his poems: “Mens sana in corpore sano”. A clean mind is the basis of a healthy body.

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“Let’s talk about someone very important to you. In your articles you mention it as your muse. Tara is also your friend and your faithful companion. How does he inspire you on a daily basis?

-Tara is the link that binds me to the natural world. She is a bridge, a bond stretched to the immensity of any part. It reminds me that the human world is not important, only the feeling that unites us to what surrounds us is the only thing that counts. That recognition, that encounter with that truthful part of ourselves, is what gives peace within me. My dog ​​is 17 years old and he is full of energy, he wants to live above time and illness to be with the person he loves. A lesson that love is the most powerful force, the energy that holds the people and the stars of the universe together. 

“He’s always been by my side. Every book we have written together. She gave me her company when I embarked on the hard work of writing a novel. Tara, it’s a part of me. It is an arm, it is a hand and when she is not, I will know that only her body has left me, not her heart. I have made a video paying homage to that feeling, to that language that only the thinking brothers understand …

-Beautiful words, Victoria … In addition to being a writer, I know that you are also passionate about audiovisuals. How far do you want to take your hobby on this side?

“I’ve always been attracted to the big screen. So far, I have given life to my thoughts through the word and at this moment, I want to do courses and projects that teach me that new and fascinating world. I would like to enter a broader path where I can express all my creativity.

-What about future projects, what can we expect soon? Will there be a new novel?

-Apart from the possibility of embarking on audiovisual projects, I would like to write an intimate and personal novel. A novel different from all the others I’ve written. I have touched almost all literary genres, but I want to write a book that reflects the sensations that my life has transmitted. Of course, I would speak of Tara as the special being who has guided me to the deep mind of the writer.

“And to conclude, who is Victoria Calvo?” What are your dreams and aspirations?

“I am a person who enjoys very little. I learn from life by observing the impact that day to day makes in my personal world. My dream is to achieve myself as a human being, that personal evolution guides the professional in all its facets. Valerme of the precious time that fate has given me so that I can express my thoughts and feelings not as mere aspirations but as tangible realities. Enjoy the essence of inspiration as if it were a gift.

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