AN ANTHOLOGY FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN featuring 20 Courageous Women who share their raw, undiluted stories to heal and empower.

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“I knew it as soon as I read the first line, when one of its stories caught me with her direct, sensual and deep prose. The literary experience immersed me in a period, in an age and in an inimitable personal experience. I remembered those timid desires of adolescence; Eternal Platonic loves that never end because they survive the memory. I remembered those lifelong relationships, friends who walk by your side to remind you that, after each fall, there is a value that deserves to be preserved as the only referent: The dignity of knowing who you are when fate plays its tricks.

As I was reading and immersing myself the plot of each story, I felt the pain of the scars that had not yet stopped bleeding. The toxicity that invaded a rusty youth by a bad choice. A companion who never was, a nightmare turned to smoke when leaving behind that bad dream to continue walking, just with a slight burden on the shoulders as the only luggage: to have made that difficult decision.

Each story pierced me, I was in a connection that went beyond letters and longings, a link drawn by women I did not know. When they read their experiences, these women were more than a few companions, they became great friends who taught me the eternal lesson that femininity is a long unfinished book, an adventure that deserves to be lived, a journey to the center of the person who beats inside each one of us. Love Unboxed is more than a romantic novel, it represents the incredible experience of being a woman.

Victoria Calvo, Spain

Author of Independence ties. A novel about an indomitable woman who fought in the War of Independence.

The fact that regardless of being a straight A’s student, coming from a good home or having money (good life), It can happen to you….it can happen to anyone.

There is a notion that:
•    Straight A’s = knowing better
•    Good life = immune to the happenings of the outside world
We are all vulnerable at our worst!

When you don’t know where you are going, you’ll go everywhere.
It’s important to NAME what you want so when it hits you in the face, you know what it looks like and you can identify it.

It is OK to not know what is coming next. We can’t know everything. Sometimes there is serenity in not knowing as it gives you time to plan, take stock and just to BE….

What the book also reinforces is that, our true selves are amazing and we will not know this if we are still completely dependent upon others. There is nothing wrong with depending on someone because no man is an island. But when that dependency becomes an addiction, there is a problem.

These women found their scared heart, their essence, became whole again. It was like they are reborn.

This book is:

•    Practical;
•    Real – you can almost touch it,
•    Not far-fetched; and
•    Something we can relate to
Also, that no matter how many times you feel like your life is escaping you, you have just as many times to try AGAIN

Nosipho Kabeni

Meta-Coach, South Africa

Falling in Love …..with me

What a fascinating story.

My first thoughts were that the strong family judgments were a huge  block into the influence of the reader’s independent spirit and search for individuality and then a need to be loved and accepted for who she was.  Having the fear and confines of her family unit she discovered a free spirit experiencing many things her family didn’t approve of. After many years of experiencing the love from different men and vocations that finally led her to learning to love herself which has led to her finding the most engaging man and true love.

What an amazing journey and what is so wonderful to understand is that she never gave up on her self development or her passions. The gift she received was the loving relationship she discovered once she had peeled back the layers that had kept her in the confines of her limiting beliefs.

Love Unboxed

My first thoughts were these women cannot be alone without a man! What is it she finds so difficult about being alone? However after thinking about their stories I give them credit for living life to the full despite the successful and challenging relationships. So many don’t take the risk of being in a relationship regardless of whether it is 100% ‘right’, they sit in ‘fear’ and judgment and remain alone!

A powerful book of courage, passion and never ending search for the love within. With women who have lived, loved and lived life to the full.

Fiona Clark, London. UK

Midlife Mentor and Life Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these stories really true?

Definitly! These are women who have their own reputation to keep. The content of this book is undiluted.  We have done our best to keep the wrting style and voice of each writer.

How many countries represented in this book

We have a total of 8 countries represented in the Love Unboxed Book. USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa,  Spain, Nigeria, Sweden, Ukraine

Do you plan to write a volume two?

We know that more women will open up because of the stories contatined in this book. Yes! If there is the demand, then there will be a Volume two, three and even four

If I have a story, how can I take part in the next book?

Fantastic! We would love to hear from you. Just click on the contact tab, give us an overview of your story. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Is it possible to buy bulk copies?

Yes! You can buy Love Unboxed in bulk. Click on the Get in touch button below and let us know the quantiy you require.

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