Since meeting Placida and becoming a co-author of Love Unboxed my life has changed significantly. I was a Personal Assistant (P.A.) before and Placida gave me the tools and confidence to totally transform my life and follow my dream.

Love Unboxed has opened so many doors for me and has become the platform to my success, so much has happened in such a short amount of time.

I am now a Resilience Coach empowering 16-18 year olds, I am currently writing my second book and a magazine has even approached me to write for them! Love Unboxed is now my official ‘business card’ and I am ecstatic with the results, for such a small investment you gain so much an opportunity not to miss! A big thank you Placida (Superwoman) for supporting me and pushing me when needed xx.

JayJay Williams

Being part of this project was a great opportunity to get my name out there. The concept of the book also appealed to me, as we are helping many women to feel understood and inspired.

I had no fear that we would achieve our goal as I was doing it with Placida, who is experienced in her field and the investment was reasonable enough to risk in case it was not successful.

Publishing your first book is such an exciting experience. Seeing your name out there. We were all part of the success of it becoming a best seller and it was real team work. I love the feedback we are getting from the women who have read it too. Placida was very supportive throughout. 

Gema Ramirez

Transpersonal Coach, Sweet Blue

I joined Placida’s book project for the exposure and the opportunity to become an #1 International Bestseller and of course to work with Placida again.

I joined the project very late and I was concerned about making the deadlines.

I loved the whole process of it all. And to see Placida going about bringing the project together was amazing. A true professional.

Achieving this goal has definitely added to my credibility in my professional capacity as I now feel confident approaching organisers for speaking opportunity. On a personal note it has given me confidence in writing my own book.

Dina Marais

Queen of Your Heart Entrepreneur

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” by Stephen King 

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