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  I’ll love to mentor and guide you through the process of becoming a bestselling anthology author. Co-create with others in a book that becomes an unforgettable legacy, transforming lives globally.


Hello and welcome,

 Our books are a collection of Life Journeys and Lessons Learned. Life lessons are never learned in isolation and though we may be from different cultures, race, and ethnicity when one woman is hurt, we all feel it.

· Do we keep silent, because our story reminds us of the pain and shame we felt?

· Do we shy away because there is just too much detail, to share with the world?

. Have you only felt Love, never pain and you wish other women to see this is possible?

Our stories come from different angles. Whatever your angle, if you think someone could learn from it, then join the courageous women who have already said yes to our projects.

No story is better than another, what is important is, you want to transform and empower your sisters.

Let your voice spread and reach out to that woman in her closet. Let healing take place right now.

My team and I work hard to produce books that will educate, Inspire, help the next woman heal and find her own path. She needs you…

Do you have a story to share?

I invite you to join the wonderful women who have already said YES! to a book project.

We are excited by the response already.

You are here, reading this. If you believe in signs…This is it.

I am looking for heart-centered women who have power stories, some never told. By Power stories, I mean stories that others can gain lessons from and begin the process of transforming their lives.  

It does not matter how the story began. It is your journey that is important and how it has helped to define who you are and the happiness you now enjoy.

I was introduced to Placida Acheru through a mutual acquaintance as I was inspired when I first heard of the Love Unboxed project and was very interested in working with Placida and being part of this amazing project. I knew this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about writing and marketing and I was excited at the opportunity to work with a seasoned author and coach.

Placida did not disappoint. From the beginning, she was incredibly supportive and willing to share her expertise and knowledge. Being part of this book project gave me the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills and be part of a community of women from all over the world committed to being a stand for the empowerment of all women.

It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend working with Placida.

Prem Glidden

International Transformational Coach, Chicafo, Illinois, USA

Being part of this project was a great opportunity to get my name out there. The concept of the book also appealed to me, as we are helping many women to feel understood and inspired. I had no fear that we would achieve our goal as I was doing it with Placida, who is experienced in her field and the investment was reasonable enough to risk in case it was not successful. Publishing your first book is such an exciting experience. Seeing your name out there. We were all part of the success of it becoming a best seller and it was real team work.

I love the feedback we are getting from the women who have read it too. Placida was very supportive throughout.

Gema Ramirez

Transpersonal Coach, Sweet Blue. Spain

I joined Placida’s book project for the exposure and the opportunity to become an #1 International Bestseller and of course to work with Placida again.

I joined the project very late and I was concerned about making the deadlines.

I loved the whole process of it all. And to see Placida going about bringing the project together was amazing. A true professional. 

Achieving this goal has definitely added to my credibility in my professional capacity as I now feel confident approaching organisers for speaking opportunity. On a personal note it has given me confidence in writing my own book.

Dina Marais

Queen of Your Heart Entrepreneur, South Africa

WHY CO-AUTHORING BOOKS?   I have been asked a lot of times, why co-authors? I first stumbled upon the idea in 2006, 10th November precisely, when I bought a co-authored book at a conference. I fell in love with the whole concept because I could see that my passion for life stories could be captured in anthologies. I have co-authored several books with different authors since.  I have also found co-authoring books a powerful experience both for me and the contributing authors. It has opened my mind and inspired me to write even more books. I also see my authors receiving more inspiration to write.

So why now? I have coached and mentored thousands of women through my programs, radio show, and online seminars.  I hear powerful life-changing stories that should not be kept locked up. I believe that by sharing you can transform a life.  Women juggle a lot and never seem to find time to make their writing dreams reality. By partnering with other like-minded women, you not only achieve your goal, you build a relationship with the authors in your project. It’s like graduating with a group of women in an MBA program.

My anthologies are different, it is a partnership between co-authors, sisters,  uniting to transform and empower. Does this sound like a project you need? If yes, join us today. Join over 2000 women in my community.   I am excited and looking forward to partnering with you in an anthology, the genres are extensive. Don’t see what you like, bring your idea, we will help you create your own compilation.

SO WHAT WILL IT BE FOR YOU? Working with me on a collaborative book is more than just writing a book. I guide you with my decade of coaching and mentoring experience. You come to write a book, you leave ready to soar. Your minds eyes are open to new possibilities. You are taken on a journey that expands not just your business but your future creating a legacy for generations to come.


The benefit of being an Author in an Anthology. The benefits of being an author in an anthology are no different from being a solo author. People partner every day to create transformational books. A good example is the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Secret. With the birth of Kindle, more and more people are reading. You can transform a person you have never met through writing your story.

Here are some of the more tangible benefits of joining us as a Co-Author.

1. 20 – 24 x Visibility. 24 other partners will be promoting this book to their network. Anywhere they go, you go too.  Can you see how powerful this is? You will get the exposure that you could not have received working alone all by yourself. If they are on TV, Radio, Magazine, Conferences as a Speaker, they take you along. Anywhere the contributors share the book, you are there.  

2. Expert recognition. Having an author credit in your profile increases your recognition as an expert even if the book is not written in your area of expertise. If you are going to write a book that’s not in your area of expertise, we encourage that you co-author in one which connects to you through your life experience. This is an era where the audience wants to know about you, the author to build a bond with you and your product. Sharing your story activates this relationship that becomes long lasting.

3. Speaking engagements: This is almost inevitable; people like to celebrate success. So, get ready!!! Your diary is about to be filled with speaking appointments. The testimonials from past clients are amazing, their lives have been transformed since doing a book project with me. 

4. Media Exposure: Depending on what you and your co-authors arrange, you will get more media exposure – TV, Newspaper, more invitation to collaborate. Some co-authors plan a world tour, hosting events in different countries, to share their message.

5. Increased credibility: Clients like mentors who show growth, you will find yourself attracting more clients who value what you offer and are ready to pay you. Looking to raise your fee? Well, you have the opportunity.

6.  When you join an anthology, It opens the doorway for your other books to be born. The experience and journey are indescribable. It is the world you really have to explore

7. Collaborating with influencers: A good book is a doorway to profitable collaborations with influencers in your industry. We show you how to get noticed in our program.

There are so many benefits.  My greatest joy is watching the ladies transform. It’s like a Rebirth, healing takes place as the writer. They begin to find answers within the lines of their own writing. An experience that no coaching session can do for you, bringing healing and finding your divine purpose. PRICELESS.

The Love Unboxed Women celebrated and Awarded for the Courage to share their raw undiltuled story in a collaborative project making bigger impact in the world.

What to do next…

Whether you have been an author in the past or not, this is an unforgettable experience.


“I’m out there to clean the plate. Once they’ve read what I’ve written on a subject, I want them to think, ‘That’s it!’ I think the highest aspiration people in our trade can have is that once they’ve written a story, nobody will ever try it again.” —Richard Ben Cramer

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